QYC Leaders

Assistant Conductor and Lower Voice Leader
« Hi, my name is Evan and I will turn 18 this year.  I am moving to a new position as Assistant Conductor and am really looking forward to learning this abstract art of conducting.  My goal this coming season is to conduct my first song in concert. Our Lower Voices are expanding our voice ranges and it will be exciting to take on full mixed repertoire this coming season and hold our own in the basses, baritone and tenor sections!  We need more voices though, so don’t hesitate to jump on and try if you attracted to what you are reading here on our website. Choir is challenging, demands that you give of your very best and is huge fun. »

Choir Leader and Leader of Alto Section
« Hi, my name is Kaitlin! I’m 16 years old and I’ve been in the choir for three years. Though I haven’t been in the choir since the beginning, I’ve seen it grow so much. Choir for me is like home and I hope to help Ms Alena and our singers to sing the very best we can! Winning the Best Section for the 4th year running this year was a definite highlight for me! »

1st Soprano Leader
« I turn 16 this year and am in QYC already 4 years.  I must be one of the longest serving members of QYC.  Our section definitely needs some new blood so if you want to join the coolest group in choir and can sing high – look no further!  We’re going to have to up our game this coming season and we can do this.  My goal next year is for the Soprano section to perform the best. To do this I have to really encourage my team to come prepared, to be ready for rehearsal bringing their pencils and music, homework done. Sometimes we work at break times to memorise songs together and we will have to work harder at all of this in order to beat those pesky Altos next time. »