Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra

Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra has been pleased to join with Qatar Youth and Junior Choirs in a number of concerts over the years. The Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra performs and promotes western and Arabic music in order to inspire the children and adults of Qatar and the Arab world to create and enjoy music. The Philharmonic is a member of the Qatar Foundation, which is supporting Qatar on its journey from carbon economy to knowledge economy by unlocking human potential.
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About Fnac

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Fnac is a French retail chain specializing in all things culture, leisure and technology. With over 600 stores around the world, Fnac offers customers the best in products, service, advice and support. Customers are encouraged to read, participate in events, display personal art and participate in entertainment opportunities.

Fnac is more than just a store. It is a cultural hub and melting pot for like-minded individuals to come together and celebrate in a relaxed environment that appeals to one and all. Fnac also organizes thousands of cultural events every year, emphasizing the brand’s commitment to give as many people access to all forms of culture.

يعتبر متجر فناك الفرنسي وجهة عالمية رائدة في مجال الثقافة والفنون والترفيه والتكنولوجيا.
ومن خلال أكثر من ٦٠٠ متجر حول العالم، طوّر فناك مفهوماً فريداً يوفّر للعملاء أفضل المنتجات والخدمات،
بالإضافة الى تقديم المساعدة والنصائح. وباعتباره متجراً شاملاً، يحث فناك عملائه على المطالعة، والاستمتاع
بالفعاليات الترفيهية والمشاركة فيها، أو حتى عرض فنّهم الخاص في أقسام مخصّصة.
فناك ليس بمجرد متجر، إنه مركز ثقافي وبوتقة تجمع الناس من مختلف مجالات الحياة للاحتفال بالفن والثقافة في
بيئة غير رسمية ومريحة تناسب تطلعات الجميع. هذا وينظم فناك العديد من الفعاليات الثقافية كل عام مؤكدا التزام
العلامة التجارية بتقديم جميع مناحي الثقافة إلى أكبر عدد من الناس.

FNAC – Lagoona Mall
Ground Floor
66 West Bay Lagoon Street, Doha
+974 4433 5599

FNAC – Doha Festival City
First Floor
Umm Salal Mohammed, Doha
+974 4433 5699

Fifty One East Music Square has been a proud partner and sponsor of the Qatar Youth and Junior Choirs, by supporting their requirements and offering our music spaces for rehearsals and special performances.
Fifty One East Music Square is located in Lagoona Mall and is the only destination of its kind in Doha where musicians can choose from a diverse range of the finest music instruments and pro-audio brands from around the world. Premium brands available include Yamaha, Gibson, Meinl, Remo and Bosendorfer. Music Square is also home to Yamaha Music School, offering classes based on a renowned curriculum, for children and adults alike.
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The Millennium Hotel Doha

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The 5 Star Millennium Hotel Doha is delighted to be the Hotel Partner of Qatar Youth and Junior Choir, facilitating their needs when they host international choirs, and other important visitors. Our ballroom is ideal for smaller community concerts and events and forging links with the local Doha community is very important to us.

The Millennium Hotel is located in AL Saad area offering 226 rooms and suites, Spa & Gym facilities, ballroom, atrium lobby lounge and roof top restaurant.
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Swiss International School Qatar

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The Swiss International School is delighted to host in its premises the Qatar Youth and Junior Choirs’ auditions, rehearsals and concerts. Among its multiple spaces, SISQ has dedicated rooms for music practice and singing, a main hall and an auditorium for performances and events.

As a Candidate School for the IB Primary Years, Middle Years and Diploma Programmes, SISQ is following the IB Curriculum for students aged from 3 to 18 years, in engaging and innovative ways.

SISQ is also a multilingual school: the main curriculum is taught in English and all primary students have one lesson of French every day and two to four lessons of Arabic/German per week. The school is committed to providing the highest standards of education in an environment that excites, inspires and challenges every student to excel academically and socially.
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